April, 26 2019
KnowledgeConf 2019
Professional conference on knowledge management in IT teams
Our sessions
We plan the following sessions at the conference
Employees Involvement in Knowledge Sharing
Employees involvement in the knowledge sharing process, creating a culture of continuous knowledge and experience exchange in IT teams and companies.
Practical Cases
Practical cases and results of the knowledge management process in IT companies: onboarding newcomers, knowledge base organization, internal university, training in practice, documenting architectural solutions and incidents (postmortem culture).
Knowledge Management Tools and Software
Knowledge Management Process Automation: tools, advantages, disadvantages, and the problems they solve. Here we want to talk about various Wiki-systems, online learning systems, etc.
Knowledge Management Effectiveness
How to present the results of knowledge management processes to the business and how to evaluate the effectiveness in real numbers.
We invite you as a speaker!
Our offer
We organize and pay for 1 RT economy flight from your city of residence, provide visa support, organize and pay for 2-night accommodation at the hotel and transfer.
All speakers gain free all-around conference pass and lunch during the conference.

High quality video recording, which will be promoted after conference, is also included.
Community Networking
Take a chance to meet hundreds of professionals, ask questions in expert zones, create the vibe at meetups.
Diversed Program Committee
The Program Committee consists of developers, DevOps engineers, project managers, knowledge management specialists, and technical writers.
Speakers Coaching
Each speaker went through coaching process and is tutored by the Program Committee member to make it perfect. We guarantee the talks quality.
Conference Team
Rodion Nagornov
Knowledge Management Specialist at Kaspersky Lab
Maxim Tsepkov
IT Architect and Analyst , Knowledge Management Expert
Svetlana Novikova
Knowledge Management Specialist at IPONWEB
Nick Volynkin
Technical Writer at Plesk
Maxim Babich
Founder at Cloveri, IT Specialist Development Service
Sergey Zaika
Senior Software Developer at Lamoda Tech
Konstanteen Medvedev
Team Lead at Tion
Igor Tsupko
Head of R&D at Flant
Dmitry Simonov
CTO at dsimonov.consulting
Our vision
We want to speed up the discussion between different IT teams. It's made up of team leads, software developers, product and project managers, business owners, technical support engineers, DevOps engineers, technical writers, content managers, knowledge managers, InfoSec specialists, and IT communities drivers.
At KnowledgeConf 2019 we expect 300+ attendees from Russian IT companies, 20-30 speakers divided into 2-3 tracks and other parallel activities (meetups, BoF sessions, expert zones and games).

We reject sales pitch style presentations. We seek practical oriented, interesting talks based on your experience, and problem-solving.
Fun fact: we apply knowledge management principles to the Knowledge Management Conference. We have our own Knowledge Base in Notion.
Ontico (Oleg Bunin Conferences)
Also organizer of Highload++ Conference and many other
How to join?
January 1
January 1
Call for Papers Starts
March 1
March 1
Call for Papers Deadline
March 26
March 26
Conference schedule finalization
April 26
April 26
Conference Day!
Apply using the application form. Our work on your talk will pass through the following stages:
- You apply - at this stage, you don't need slides or detailed thesis, only the desire to share something interesting and a brief description of your future talk to tease the audience.
- All applications are screened by Program Committee. Our experts will ask you a few questions to clarify the details.
- For each speaker, we assign a tutor from the Program Committee. Other Committee members are also ready to help and step into. At this stage, we want to figure out the main points of the future speech, describe its value and the main problem.
- We make a preliminary decision about your speech and from this point, you will go through the several trial runs (via online call) with the tutor. All calls are recorded so other Program Committee members will be on the same page. At this stage, it is not necessary to have fully prepared slides and text.
- At the next stage when you are officially included in the conference schedule you will have the time to finalize the report with our expert's help. According to our experience, 2-3 runs are required to polish the speech.
Apply as speaker now!
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